Elasticsearch search speed

I know that elasticsearch has a search time of around one second.

Here is an answer.
If there is no search condition and there is one condition, is there a difference in search speed?

Elasticsearch does not have a search time of around one second. What you are referring to is probably the default refresh interval (default is 1 second), which determines how quickly indexed or updated documents are available to be searched. This does however not relate to query performance.

Thank you!! So, with and without search conditions, search speed is not affected.

I am not sure I understand your question. The type of search can naturally affect the latency, but the refresh interval typically does not.

I wonder if the speed of the search by checking whether the value of type 'a' is 'b' is the same as the speed of searching the whole index without checking.
"query": { "match_all": {}} vs "query": { "match": { "account_number": 20 } }

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