Elasticsearch Service on Azure cloud vs Elasticsearch Service on Elastic cloud


Can someone please explain me whats the pros and cons of using ELK as a service on Azure cloud vs using ELK as a service on Elastic cloud?

And as an additional question, is logstash also going to be part of the elastic cloud as a service or azure cloud as a service any time soon?

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Elasticsearch service on Azure Cloud and Elasticsearch service on Elastic Cloud are one and the same thing - Elasticsearch, Kibana, et. al offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), managed by Elastic, as part of Elastic Cloud. Elastic Cloud operates across different cloud providers, including Azure.

I don't believe this is currently on the road map. However, Logstash can be run on Azure VMs or on premise, and send data to an Elasticsearch service instance running on Elastic Cloud, in Azure.


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Nevertheless, in this link (https://www.elastic.co/aws-elasticsearch-service#full-comparison) i see the comparison between AWS and ELASTIC cloud and thats why i am concerned that also this might be the case with Microsoft Azure ?

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There is a partnership between Microsoft and Elastic. So no worries. :wink:

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Amazon Elasticsearch Service is not the same thing as Elasticsearch service on Elastic Cloud.

The only Elasticsearch Service available on Azure is the official service from Elastic, available as part of Elastic Cloud. This Elasticsearch Service can also be deployed to AWS and GCP.


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