Elasticsearch service over HTTPS channel

I am able to get elasticsearch service over HTTPS channel, but in windows operating system by following the tutorial given over elasticsearch home site. Now I want to implement the same in Ubuntu. Kindly, someone guide me how should I go about it. Thanks.

Hi there,

Which one is the

tutorial given over elasticsearch home site

you refer to, and why can't you follow the same for an Elasticsearch installation in Ubuntu ?


Here I am facing problem on how to run elasticsearch-certgen.bat and other commands that follows ....in Ubuntu.

I'm not sure where you see a reference to elasticsearch-certgen.bat in the link that you shared with me, but all Elasticsearch CLI tools have relevant commands both for Windows and Linux based OS in the bin folder.

The equivalent of elasticsearch-certgen.bat for ubuntu would be elasticsearch-certgen which is located in the same directory.

If I may ask, why do you use such an old version of Elasticsearch ? Elasticsearch 7.3 was just released, you should try and use a more recent version than 6.3.

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