Elasticsearch.service terminated unexpectedly

On my Server (Windows 2016 OS) elasticsearch.service always run and no problem until elasticsearch.service terminated unexpectedly(on event viewer).

first , i solve by start elasticsearch.service manaully but still have a next problem,
This problem happen on kibana, kibana service run normally but show blank screen just show menu bar on left side and no action when i click menu.
Can someone help me fix this

Only one way i can do, I just delete all data on C:\Elasticsearch\6.2.4\data\nodes\0 then it back to work again.
I just dont want lost my data about 24GB (i mean indice on C:\Elasticsearch\6.2.4\data\nodes\0)

Windows Server 2016 x64
install elastic.service / kibana.service version 6.2.4
Harddisk have many space disk
cpu and memory not peak

What cause happen to my elasticsearch.service ?
What the way i should do at the kibana blank page ?
Sorry for my english language, i just newbie.
thanks so much.

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