Elasticsearch shard preference when using shard allocation awareness


We are using elasticsearch 5.3.2 and we want to deploy our ES clusters over a couple of availability zones and apply shard allocation awareness.

according to this document : https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/allocation-awareness.html, it says that "When executing search or GET requests, with shard awareness enabled, Elasticsearch will prefer using local shards — shards in the same awareness group — to execute the request. This is usually faster than crossing racks or awareness zones. "

The question is - what happens when we run the query with shard preference ?
will it override the default shard awareness behaviour which tries to execute the query against its "local" shards?

That's how we currently work with elasticsearch - https://labs.totango.com/taming-elasticsearch-hiccups-with-async-retries-9729fbf6e192, and we don't want our mechanism to break when we change our configuration to shard allocation awareness.


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