Elasticsearch snapshots failing

(Jon Page) #1

attempting to do some ES snapshots to some nfs mounts - getting a permissions error that the NFS directory is not accessible on the node. The nfs shares seems to work ok, I can create and delete things.

I notice when I run this command to create a snapshot "bucket" using this command

PUT /_snapshot/foo_snapshots01
"type": "fs",
"settings": {
"location": "/FOO_SNAPSHOTS01"

I see a directory created in /FOO_SNAPSHOTS01 test_XXXX that is owned by sssd and not elasticsearch the user running elasticsearch.

has anyone seen this with snapshots? Trying to figure out if there is a setting in sssd or NFS to mitigate this.

(Vlad) #2

What permission of your "FOO_SNAPSHOS01" folder? Elasticsearch have permisson for read/write/execute?

(David Turner) #3

Elasticsearch creates this directory, and some files therein, to verify that each node has write access to the repository. That it's owned by the wrong user suggests something wrong with your setup, perhaps on just one of your nodes. If I remember correctly, unless configured otherwise NFS expects numeric user IDs and group IDs to be the same across all machines, so perhaps there is a mismatch there such that the sssd user on one machine has the same user ID as the elasticsearch user on another?

(Jon Page) #4

The directory permissions are 777

(Jon Page) #5

I think it is a UID/GID issue, since the account that is running elasticsearch has different UID/GID on the systems un question

(Jon Page) #6

It was a UID/GID issue. I changed the ES nodes that were different and now am able to perform the snapshots

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