Elasticsearch sort works on and off

I am querying index in ES using below code

def cat_results_tmp(response):
	for hit in response['hits']['hits']:
		result_tuple = (hit["_source"]["fieldA"],hit["_source"]["fieldB"]
	return results       

def cats(cat_sort_field="", sort_order="",country=["US"],cat=[]):
	client = Elasticsearch([{'host':host,'port':9200}])
	response = client.search( \
	index="cat", \
		"query": {\
	  "constant_score" : {
		{"terms": {"lvl0.keyword":cat[0]}}
		,{"terms": {"lvl1.keyword":cat[1]}},
		{"terms": {"lvl2.keyword":cat[2]}},
		{"terms": {"lvl3.keyword":cat[3]}}
	   ,"sort" : [
		 { cat_sort_field: {"order" : sort_order} }]
	return response3

#get sort by fieldA asc result
	print(cats(cat_sort_field="fieldA",sort_order="asc",country=['US'],cat=[[''], [''], ['helloworld']]))
#get sort by fieldB desc result
	print(cats(cat_sort_field="fieldB",sort_order="desc",country=['US'],cat=[[''], [''], ['helloworld']]))

While the second one works as expected, the first one does not return sorted result.
I have tried casting fieldA to double with below, but still can't get sorted result.

curl -XPUT "http://host/cat/_mappings" -d '
    "properties": {
      "fieldA": { "type": "double" }
  }' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

What is possibly going wrong here? Thanks.

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