Elasticsearch span_multi query rewrite parameter getting same result for top_terms_n top_terms_boost_n and top_terms_blended_freqs_n?

I m trying below query with "explain": true on million of articles. but top_terms, top_terms_boost and top_terms_blended_freqs returning me the same result.

"query": {
    "span_multi": {
      "match": {
        "prefix": {
          "article.title": {
            "value": "intr",
            "rewrite": "top_terms_3"

In result I can see same top terms of all the 3 rewrite options.
weight(spanOr([article.title:intr, article.title:intr001, article.title:intra]) in 184380) [PerFieldSimilarity]

I was trying to see the difference in all 3 rewrite options I have gone through the documentation rewrite parameter | Elasticsearch Guide [8.10] | Elastic
but still not clear to me. if you can explain these option bit more and why its not working.

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