Elasticsearch SQL CLI usage

Is it possible to use standalone Elasticsearch SQL CLI in windows environment?
We are running Elasticsearch 6.8 cluster on Debian servers, but SQL CLI would be nice to use in windows because of additional connection to existing reporting infranstructure.


Hi @birko,
The CLI should work in Windows environment. Have you tried using it and encountered issues?

Hello @Andrei_Stefan,
I haven't tried it, because I didn't find standalone Elasticsearch SQL CLI for download. Should I download Elasticsearch windows distributiion and extract from it necessary libraries and executables for SQL CLI? If yes, is it available list of these necessary files?


@birko you should be able to download ES for Windows and extract elasticsearch-sql-cli-[ES_VERSION].jar from /bin and then run something like java -cp "elasticsearch-sql-cli-8.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar" org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.cli.Cli.

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