Elasticsearch storage schema retention and aggregation

Hi, I've not found a simple answer to this question, I'd appreciate if you can clear it up for me.

In Graphite you can easily setup your storage aggregation (min, max, average, count) and your storage schema retention for example 10 seconds for 1 day, 10 minutes for 30 days, etc.

  1. Does elasticsearch have the same capability. And if so could you simply explain it.
  2. If not can you explain what it uses by default.
  3. Where do I check to find out what a particular graph is using?


I think the answer you are looking for is in the post below:

Aggregation Retention

I checked the link and I'm still not clear. It states that there is no aggregation done, however in my testing I see there is some kind of aggregation. For example, if I monitor CPU and I see a spike in realtime and then search for the spike again I see that it has been averaged with some default aggregation interval (the spike is no longer as high). So I'm back to my original question.

This should be what you need.

I will look the article, thanks!

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