Elasticsearch String Comparison/Colation


For business logic reasons I need to sync subsets of objects (percolation
queries) between SQL and ElasticSearch. This includes needing to know if
in Elasticsearch there exists an orphan query that needs to be deleted. As
such I need to search through a range of identifiers that are case

Since it's a range and I don't know about anything outside my range I need
to understand something about string orders in ElasticSearch.

For instance if my range is from [a=-0/ to Bt3|] and in SQL I don't have
abcd, but it exists in my query returned from ElasticSearch, I need to be
able to have confidence it should be removed from ElasticSearch.

I'm pretty sure abcd comes in that range in both SQL and ElasticSearch
methods, but I'd like to know the comparison method so I can be sure.

--Shannon Monasco

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