Elasticsearch Suggestion Completes return incorrect number of suggestions

We are using Elasticsearch version 6.7 and have implemented completion suggestion successfully without weights. We now want to add weights to suggestions and are encountering issues.
When using completion suggester without setting weights, querying for a “size” of 6 returns 6 results

POST listings/_search
 "_source": "suggest",
 "suggest": {
  "aSuggest": {
   "prefix": "12 sta",
   "completion": {
    "field": "suggest",
    "size": 6,
    "contexts": {
     "status": "active"

But when weightings are added to the fields there are no longer 6 results returned.
We can get six results if we increase the “size” to 11, but it’s unclear why.

It looks like this was reported more than two years ago for version 5.

But we are using Elasticsearch 6.7

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