Elasticsearch support for Prometheus?


With recent announcement about Elastic joining CNCF [1] is there any plan to support Prometheus monitoring in Elasticsearch?

The announcement reads:

Elastic builds products in an open and transparent way and supports integrations with many key CNCF projects, including Kubernetes and Prometheus.

If I am not mistaken it is needed to deploy either 3rd party plugin or proxy to make it possible for Prometheus to scrape Elasticsearch metrics. Is any official support planned here?

[1] https://www.elastic.co/about/press/elastic-joins-cloud-native-computing-foundation-cncf-and-launches-helm-charts-for-elasticsearch-on-kubernetes



As far as I understand, Prometheus requires a very specific export format (e.g. it's not JSON, etc, which Elasticsearch is built on). We had a discussion about this and we think this is perfectly situated as something that lives outside of core Elasticsearch -- either as a plugin or some external executable which can grab statistics in JSON format and ship them. Fortunately, there are already 3rd party plugins that do exactly this for those that want it. This gives flexibility to the users that want that integration without forcing extra componentry for those that don't need it. Hope that makes sense.

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