Elasticsearch terms aggregation with sub query

I need to aggregate the docs (term aggregation), based on the another field vale (atleast one occurrence).
For example, I using the api traffic data, I need to get the top api list based on the total doc_count, who has atleast one 200 ok response.

My docs has fields like apiName, responseCode,etc.

Any help on this would be appreciated?
Thanks in advance.

You can either:

  1. Use your aggs but query the docs with a 200 response (this would change the API counts in your aggregations to only the status 200 hits) or
  2. Do 1) to first get a list of api names and then issue a second request with a terms filter on the apiName field with the list of api names. The counts would have 200 and non-200 responses.

Where 2) gets challenging is if the list of api names is extremely large.

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