Elasticsearch tests not running againts system installed java jdk

Hi, I was running the tests with:

./gradlew --continue test

My environment variables are:



I noticed that only while executing the tests, it downloads another instance of the JDK and places it in


Then it seems to run all the tests against that instance, instead of the system one.

Previously to running the tests, I built a packaged version with the system installed JDK.
I was expecting/hoping to run the tests against the same instance.

I looked through the code and found these two snippets:

In buildSrc/src/main/java/org/elasticsearch/gradle/info/GlobalBuildInfoPlugin.java

public class GlobalBuildInfoPlugin implements Plugin<Project> {
  public void apply(Project project) {
    File compilerJavaHome = findCompilerJavaHome();
    File runtimeJavaHome = findRuntimeJavaHome(compilerJavaHome);
    // Initialize global build parameters
    BuildParams.init(params -> {
        params.setIsRutimeJavaHomeSet(compilerJavaHome.equals(runtimeJavaHome) == false);

and in gradle/runtime-jdk-provision.gradle

configure(allprojects - project(':build-tools')) {
    project.tasks.withType(Test).configureEach { Test test ->
        if (BuildParams.getIsRuntimeJavaHomeSet()) {
            test.executable = "${BuildParams.runtimeJavaHome}/bin/java"
        } else {
            test.executable = rootProject.jdks.provisioned_runtime.getBinJavaPath()

It looks like if you have a different runtime java set in RUNTIME_JAVA_HOME then the tests run against the system installed instance of that version. However, in the case where you either don't have that variable set, or your JAVA_HOME is set to the same value as RUNTIME_JAVA_HOME then it downloads the 'exact' same version and tests against that one.

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or intended?

The JDK that it downloads does not run on the system I'm on, so all the tests fail out of hand when trying to do:

command 'elasticsearch/build/jdks/adoptopenjdk-13.0.2_linux/bin/java -version'

Is there a work around that I'm missing? Another way to make sure it uses the system runtime java?

Hi, can any dev chime in here, please? I was running on release 7.6.2.

Need to know if this is intended behaviour?

Thank you,

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