ElasticSearch Thread handling mechanism

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Currently For my production nodes we are pushing enormous data from live applications.My doubt is how elasticsearch manage those bulk indexing process.Is there any limit for elasticsearch to accept maximum connections or connection limits settings, how many bulk or individual data inserting threads can manage by Elastic search cluster or is it hardware dependent (I have 24 GB of RAM for my each node in cluster.I have 4 nodes in my prod cluster.). Please suggest me on this.

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There is currently no hard limit (but there will be in future versions), but there are practical limits that are largely dictated by your hardware. A fairly simple rule of thumb is that the size of any individual thread pool should not exceed the number of cores available to the process.

Do note that only you have the required information to assess whether not your thread pools are sized appropriately for your hardware, the demands that you are putting on it, and your performance requirements.