Elasticsearch update by query using C#

hi, I have a problem.

I want to update only one data in sub_info.

example.. yn_complete to "N" in cd_emp = "2021019"

But, Currently I get all the sub_info sets,
change only the part you want, and update the whole to C# as shown below.

public static bool DoUpdateForSubinfo(string index, string id, List<EmailSubinfo> subinfo)
       if (index == string.Empty && id == string.Empty) return false;

       if (_esClient == null) InitializeSettingES();

       var updateResponse = _esClient.Update<object>(id, u => u
                  sub_info = subinfo

        if (updateResponse.ApiCall.HttpStatusCode == 200) return true;
        else return false;

When passing sub_info in C#, it it possible to update only the first yn_complete of the list, not the whole?

I'm curious about the c# code for Elastic Search.

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