ElasticSearch Upgrade issues

Hell team -
I'm in a situation where i need to upgrade ES1.x to ES6.2,
I have installed ES6.2 nodes equal no of number as OLD ES cluster ( 3 Data nodes and 3 Master nodes)

My question:
1.How can i include the reindex.remote.whitelist in the new ES nodes which should include the all the 3 data and 3 master.
reindex.remote.whitelist: ["DATA1:9200","DATA2:9200","DATA3:9200","MASTER1:9200","Master2:9200","Master:9200"]

2.should i include this setting variable in all the master and data nodes in the new cluster?

3.. How can i provide the shard and replica settings to entire ES cluster.

as i know support form 2.x to 5.x and 6.x
1.x to 5.x

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