Elasticsearch upgraded

We have upgraded elastic search to 7.4.2 but unable to start the services.

A single sentence problem description rarely leads to a solution. If you want help, you should provide far more information that ease debugging.

So please take some time and provide more information about the issue you are facing.

  • What operating system is this on
  • What distribution are you using
  • How do you start the service
  • What error message are you seing in the console
  • What error message are you seing in the log files
  • What error message are you seing in journalctl, if you are using systemd
  • From which to which version are you upgrading
  • What does unable to start mean? Is the process exiting or left in a zombie state but keeps running. Is Elasticsearch answering via HTTP

This way, you will increase your chances of getting help tremendously.

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