Elasticsearch v8 Java API client search with filter (not postFilter)

I wanted to replace postFilter with filter in the search, but not sure how to because Query has "query.postFilter(postFilters) " method but nothing as ".filter(filters) " .

Current implementations is like , Creating Query , creating postFilters and add them to SearchRequest e.g

Query query = MatchPhraseQuery.of(matchPhraseQuery->matchPhraseQuery.field(fieldName).query(value.trim()))._toQuery()

var postFilters = new BoolQuery.Builder();
   postFilters.mustNot(BoolQuery.of(boolQuery->boolQuery.should(MatchQuery.of(matchQuery->matchQuery.field("status").query( Status.ACTIVE.name()))._toQuery()))._toQuery());

SearchRequest srb1 = SearchRequest.of(r -> r.query(query)

Now i want to replace postFilters with Filter in the query. But not sure how to do it ?

As I tried this but not sure is it right approach?
-> created BoolQuery with "must" and "filter", "must" contains actual query and "filter" contains filer e.g.

var filteredQuery = new BoolQuery.Builder().must(query).filter(postFilters).build()._toQuery();
SearchRequest srb2 = SearchRequest.of(r -> r.query(filteredQuery)

Note postFilter is removed form srb2.
Will srb1 and srb2 returns the same result? is it correct away to add filter to the query?

Please guide how to add filter

Hi @ijaxahmed

About post filter:

The Post_Filter is applied to the search hits at the very end of a search request, after aggregations have already been calculated.

If you use post_filter it was probably for some reason, and this is not clear in the post. If you want to use filters you will get one of the benefits, like caching.

I suggest you test the two approaches, which are different, to understand the results.
Try to detail, in the post, the reason for using the post_filter and if you intend to change to filter, which criteria you intend to have with it.

@RabBit_BR thanks for the reply

I want to use Filter over the post_filter due to performance becase i dont have any aggregation, its mentioned here about the performance.

Performance consideration
Use a post_filter only if you need to differentially filter search results and aggregations. Sometimes people will use post_filter for regular searches.
Don’t do this! The nature of the post_filter means it runs after the query, so any performance benefit of filtering (such as caches) is lost completely.
The post_filter should be used only in combination with aggregations, and only when you need differential filtering.

I am more concerned about the right way to add filter using Java API Client. is it correct way as i mention in the first comment above ? in otherway how to add filter (considering the above code, as there is query, there is filter and want to make query using that )

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