Elasticsearch version 7.0 and JAVA version


I'm wondering about JAVA version with ES 7.0.
Does ES 7.0 work better with java12 instead for instance java 8 ?

My previous setup was ES 6.7.1 with shenandoah.
Hot nodes : 196Go heap / 20 cores-40 threads / 2,5To of data
Cold nodes : 96Go heap / 10 cores-20 threads / 11To of data

i moved to ES 7.0.1 with JAVA 8 and shenandoah and added warm nodes to use ILM.
Since i moved this new version, i have some troubles with the search performance.

Search / s : 2000
indexing / s : 100.000

i'm wondering if using java 12 embedded inside ES 7.0.1 could be a better choice + G1 instead of java 8 and shenandoah

Thanks for your feedbacks

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