ElasticSearch Version Upgrade in AWS EKS using Helm Charts [7.17.3 -> 8.5.1]

Have deployed Elasticsearch version 7.17.3 in AWS EKS using helm chart GitHub - elastic/helm-charts: You know, for Kubernetes.

My goal is to upgrade my ES to the latest version 8.5.1 using helm chart. I followed the steps mentioned in Upgrade Assistant in ES [Management -> Stack Management -> Upgrade Assistant].

In upgrade assistant, I made sure all the check points are fixed and good to be migrated. But when I try to migrate, I am unable to see any solution for upgrading using helm chart.

If I either preform helm upgrade using the new helm-chart [helm upgrade --install elastic elastic/elasticsearch --version 8.5.1 -n elasticsearch] or directly change the image version from 7.17.3 to 8.5.1 in existing deployment, I end up with errors and my ES pod isn't up and running.

Is there any proper documentation or reference that can be used for ES version upgrade using helm charts.

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