ElasticSearch with Zulu

(imad) #1


Has anyone tried ElasticSearch with Zulu. Is there an official plan to test it with Zulu. Oracle JDK is not free and IcedTea is only for Linux. We are planning to use ElasticSearch on windows but want to see if there is an option to use it freely.

Will appreciate any input.


(Mark Walkom) #2

It's something we have discussed, I am not sure what the progress is but I will if I can find out.

(Zachary Tong) #3

We have Zulu in our randomized CI environment for Windows (you can see a few zulu-8 builds here for example). So it is tested, but I'm not sure the status/outcome of that -- e.g. is it stable? supported? Not sure.

Tangentially related, Zing (Azul's JVM with their C4 GC) is not officially supported or tested.

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