Elasticsearch7.x have any solutions to replace existing searchAction or override?

I want to do some custom function in RestSearchAction.prepareRequest before "request.withContentOrSourceParamParserOrNull(parser -> parseSearchRequest(searchRequest, request, parser, setSize));" ,
like verify query statement compliance ,the nesting depth of query statements.

and We can't do this uniformly on the business side.

Elasticsearch source code:

    public RestChannelConsumer prepareRequest(final RestRequest request, final NodeClient client) throws IOException {
        SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest();
         * We have to pull out the call to `source().size(size)` because
         * _update_by_query and _delete_by_query uses this same parsing
         * path but sets a different variable when it sees the `size`
         * url parameter.
         * Note that we can't use `searchRequest.source()::size` because
         * `searchRequest.source()` is null right now. We don't have to
         * guard against it being null in the IntConsumer because it can't
         * be null later. If that is confusing to you then you are in good
         * company.
        IntConsumer setSize = size -> searchRequest.source().size(size);
        request.withContentOrSourceParamParserOrNull(parser ->
            parseSearchRequest(searchRequest, request, parser, setSize));

        return channel -> {
            RestCancellableNodeClient cancelClient = new RestCancellableNodeClient(client, request.getHttpChannel());
            cancelClient.execute(SearchAction.INSTANCE, searchRequest, new RestStatusToXContentListener<>(channel));

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