ElasticSearchAPIConnector - snippet or highlight query

I am experimenting with ElasticsearchAPIConnector using SearchUI on a small document base. I want to get the full field returned with highlights. The field is less than 1000 characters long. I tried using highlight with number_of_fragments as zero, but I seem to not have success in getting the full field. I see that if i include snippet in the result_fields (holdover from using appsearch connector), I get highlighted snippet, but it is truncated (whereas when using appsearch, I set size as 900 and was able to get the full field back with highlights).
If I go to dev console in kibana, and query with a search term and highlight with number_of_fragments =0, then I get the proper result in kibana dev console (i.e. highlighted full field is returned along with raw field)
any pointers?
warning: I am a newbie at this, and hence, might be making simple/newbie type mistakes too.


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