ElasticsearchError error="400 - Rejected by Elasticsearch

Hello guys getting below error while shipping logs from fluentd to elasticsearch , hope you guys can give some clue.

  1. fluentd running as deamonset in openshift
  2. Elastcisearch & kibana running in standalone server.

How the log flow working ?
flentd pod is runnig on agent and shipping all logs which stdout to /var/log/container/*.log

2020-02-21 15:22:54 +0000 [warn]: #0 dump an error event: error_class=Fluent::Plugin::ElasticsearchErrorHandler::ElasticsearchError error="400 - Rejected by Elasticsearch" location=nil tag="kubernetes.var.log.containers.application-test.log" time=2020-02-13 09:58:03.186436414 +0000 record={"log"=>"2020-02-13 09:58:03 main INFO [7f05224a9880] plugin 'routing:app_default_x_ro' loading\n", "stream"=>"stderr"}

same issue here

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