[ElasticSearchJS] Different results when I execute the same query with the JS API and calling the URL directy

Hello everyone,

I'm using a Node JS server. I'm using the elasticsearch JS module. I have have a simple query to do. When my program execute it, I have no results, when I call the query with CURL with the same body, I have the results I need.

This is my mapping

You will find attached to this post the query I made with the curl command (you can see I have results) and the log of the ElasticSearch JS module that shows the query it buit.

I can't see the difference. For me it's the same query. I don't understand why I can't get results from my program.

Did someone already has this issue. It would be nice if you can help. Maybe I'm missing configuration or something.

Thank you very much !

ElastiSearch Trace :

Curl :