ElasticsearchStatusException Elasticsearch exception

i am writing a search on index doc. but i am getting error as

"ElasticsearchStatusException[Elasticsearch exception [type=illegal_argument_exception, reason=request [/index/_search] contains unrecognized parameters: [ignore_throttled], [rest_total_hits_as_int]]] "

RestHighLevelClient restHighLevelClient = new RestHighLevelClient(RestClient.builder(
new HttpHost(eshost, esport)));

    SearchRequest searchRequest = esSearchRequest.
    SearchResponse response = restHighLevelClient.search(searchRequest);

In response line i am getting error .
Any help please.

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I believe you are mixing major versions of the Rest Client and Elasticsearch server.
What are they?

I am using elasticssearch 5.5 version.
any suggestions to resolve this issue

I guess you are using a 6 or 7 client which is not compatible.

Anyway elasticsearch 5.x series is EOL. Upgrade to 6.8 or better 7.7.

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