Elasticserach change TimeZone

i have a Elasticsearch cluster for storing logz, and my current timezone is+06, but Elasticsearch work in UTC +0, so how can i change the timezone in Elasticsearch cluster?

It's better to change your data so the date is actually correct.

What are you using to send your data to elasticsearch? What does a document look like?

I have a 3 node elasticsearch cluster to store logs from my services. I use fluentd to aggregate and send logz
So our applications is running on +6 timezone and send logs with +6 timezone timestamp, but i want to change Internal elasticsearch timezone to +6 too

I don't know fluentd so I can't answer on what is possible.

So make sure that the document you are sending has the right information.

Something like:

PUT my-index-000001/_doc/2
{ "date": "2015-01-01T12:10:30+06:00" }

Elasticsearch operates entirely on UTC, you cannot change that. As David mentioned, you need to be appending the timezone to the timestamp.

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