Elastisearch query performance improvement

Hi all,

I have 4 nodes, memory size respectively has 64GB, 64GB, 64GB and 128 GB
for handing a huge data (8,577,271,728 documents) with 68 TB

I release ES API for kibana and a webUI query, but some issues happen to
slow-query or out of memory.

Here is my briefly configuration:

shards = 176
replica = 0
indices = 43

my question:

  1. Should I set replica from 0 to 1 ?? As I know, replica means data
    distributing to different nodes, and that will help data recovery.
    But does it helps to increase data searching performance while ES is doing
    the query??

  2. Adding more machines is the best-practice and also the one of solution,
    however is any other approaches that I can try to make a better ES


Best, Orozco

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