Elaticsearch readiness probe failed connection refused

My elasticsearch cluster is deployed in kubernetes environment. I used readinessprobe and livenessprobe to check cluster health. But it throwing connection refused error.

Liveness probe failed: Get http://IP:9200/_cluster/health: dial tcp IP:9200: connect: connection refused

This is my probe setting.

failureThreshold: 1
path: /_cluster/health
port: http
scheme: HTTP
initialDelaySeconds: 30
periodSeconds: 10
successThreshold: 1
timeoutSeconds: 5

Also I searched it google and tried NETWORK_HOST as eth0 and args as ?local=true, but nothing works.

Please help me on this issue.

To add more information about the issue, the liveness probe was falling if we give CPU, memory limits. Is there any relationship between probe and the resource limits?

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