Eligible H/W specs for master only node in a cluster?

Hi. I'm going to setup a new elasticsearch cluster like below data and coordinator node spec.

  • Broadwell E5-2630 v4 2P10C CPU, 64GB RAM, 4.8TB SSD.

There are 30 nodes for data-node and 3 nodes for coordinator-node.

I want to setup master nodes at least 3 nodes as VM in a Kubernetes environment.

I know the master node doesn't need to high spec because it only manages cluster environment, not performance.

How can I estimate the proper specs for the master nodes of my cluster?( I will struct 3 nodes for master nodes.)

  • More nodes in a cluster, do I need more specs for a master node?
  • If then, what is the spec that I need for a master node? RAM? CPU? DISK? NIC?
    • Why?

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