ELK 7.1 - search filter - incomplete search

I have problem and I don't understand that.
I send logs with filebeat to logstash, it looks like this

When I want to search something ex. a word error, I get something like below,

rest default fields I cut out,
below there are fields except message - which is default - created by me in grok filter

In field

m19-custom	[GW4665p uPGEDf70 OPOM_PWD - error #50073]

there is word error but it is not mark. It looks like search don't work on fields created by me. On default fields search works normally.

fields created in grok filter

What and where should I do to fix search in all fields?

Nobody knows why my custom fields created in logstash are not searchable?
In Index Patterns it looks like this

rest fields are the same.

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