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I have an ELK 6.7 and an ELK 7 both on single nodes. They're configured the same with metricbeat installed to monitor the nodes. When I look at the Host Overview Dashboard on ELK 7 I see:

This does not occur on the ELK 6.7 node. Are there any changes between version which would cause this?

(Chernomazov) #2

Elasticsearch 7.0 uses keyword field for aggregation of fields with text type.

You need to upgrade Metricbeat to 7.0 version: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/libbeat/7.0/upgrading-6-to-7.html


Metricbeat is at version 7:

[root@elk ~]# rpm -qa|grep metric

(Chernomazov) #4

Is Elasticsearch index template for Metricbeat upgraded?
Are Kibana dashboards for Metrcibeat upgraded?