Where to check compatibility between metricbeat-kibana-elasticsearch

I'm installing in one machine metricbeat 7.5 and in other machine i have ELK 7.2, when loading the metricbeat dashboards i get errors in metricbeat realing to error 400 bad request, however dashboards load but never start sending data. After that i configure setup.kibana.dashboard: false and restart metricbeat and data is populated in elasticsearch. I think if it would be because of the different versions?

Any idea? Where is the certification information between different versions of different components of elastic?


Hi @mtudisco :slight_smile:

I'm afraid that it's a known issue but it's already fixed. It was unfortunate but nothing that happens frequently to maintain a minor-to-minor compatibility matrix.

The recommended approach is just to upgrade all components to 7.5 and enjoy new features :sweat_smile:

Thanks Mario, you said that it is a known issue and already fixed, does it has to do with the different versions? just upgrading all components to the newest version solves the problem? The fix is for new versions or there's some workarround for my version?


I can't find the issue and the PR in the repo now but there was no workaround. Upgrading to 7.5 solves the issue

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