Unable to import kibana dashboards

hello folks, i have set up elastic, logstash, kibana and metricbeat, all running version 5.6.10 on Centos7. metricbeat is on a different node, what am trying to do is import the kibana dashboards into elastic, i tried running setup kibana dashboards but that did not work for me, i kept gettint the error that the metricbeat.yml file could not be found.
so i tried running the import dashboards by using the method specified in the scripts directory in /usr/share/metricbeat/scripts/README.md however this too is giving me due to the fact that metricbeat is trying to connect to a localhost elasticsearach, however the elastic node that metricbeat is supposed to connect to?
how do i get around this?
thanks in advance

Set the Kibana endpoint and enable dashboard load on startup?

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