Dashboard setup failure

(Aaron Warner) #1

I'm trying to perform the dashboard setup.
Using kibana 5.6.9
Receive the following error on setup. Using the command
metricbeat -c metricbeat.yml setup --dashboards

error loading C:\temp\metricbeat\kibana\5\index-pattern\metricbeat.json: returned 400 to import file: <nil>. Response: {"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"\"fieldFormatMap\" is not allowed. \"fields\" is not allowed. \"timeFieldName\" is not allowed. \"title\" is not allowed","validation":{"source":"payload","keys":["fieldFormatMap","fields","timeFieldName","title"]}}

Any advice?

(ruflin) #2

Which metricbeat version are you using?

(Aaron Warner) #3

Sorry metricbeats version is 6.4.0

I'll be honest I didn't check to see if it was backwards compatible with my version of kibana.

(Aaron Warner) #4

Thanks ruflin, my bad for not checking backwards compatibility. Works fine with the right metricbeats version.

(system) #5

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