Kibana dashboards import failed

Is this a bug or or is it not possible to import the dashboards with this metricbeat version to kibana?

metricbeat version 6.2.4 (amd64), libbeat 6.2.4
Exiting: Error importing Kibana dashboards: fail to create the Kibana loader: Error creating Kibana client: fail to get the Kibana version:fail to unmarshal the response from GET http://host:5601/api/status: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field kibanaVersionResponse.version of type struct { Number string "json:\"number\""; Snapshot bool "json:\"build_snapshot\"" }. Response: {"name":"hostname","version":"5.4.0","buildNum":15063,"buildSha":"75afc9fbb024df55fa01acd1a4c2f76d44XXXXXX","uuid":"457e6a6b-XXXX-XXXX-9577-c8d9bbb268ae","status":{"overall":{"state":"green","title":"Green","nickname":"Looking good","icon":"succ... (truncated)

You are affected by This will be fixed in the upcoming 6.3.0 release. Fix:

Were you by any chance using the option -E setup.dashboards.always_kibana=true? If so try without that.

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Uh yes I was using -E setup.dashboards.always_kibana=true. But when I remove it, it failes as well:

metricbeat setup --dashboards -E setup.dashboards.kibana_index=logstash-elk028-*

Is there an easy way to test if this bugfix works in my case or do I need to build everything by hand?

Ok I compiled it myself and it is fixed.

/home/user/metricbeat -c /etc/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml setup --dashboards -E setup.dashboards.always_kibana=true -E setup.dashboards.kibana_index=logstash-elk028-*

But apparently my Kibana is to old:

Kibana API is not available in Kibana version 5.4.0

When using Kibana 5.x you should not set that flag because the dashboards are installed by writing them directly into the .kibana index in ES. In Kibana 6 (and maybe 5.6) a REST API was added to install dashboards.

This flag tells it to go directly to the Kibana API.

And BTW there are snapshots builds in

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