Elk API , scheduled task, Empty Response from search

Hello all,

I have created a python script, which receives data from our cluster, calculates it and labels documents.

I use the search , and update by query functions in the script.

The script runs well, and the functions behave well up until the moment a windows scheduled task runs the script.
Upon calling the search function, an empty response is sent back from the cluster .
I validated the DSL a million times, when Manualy running the DSL in grok it works fine and returns documents.

This only happens when the scheduled task is running the script.

I've tried everything from moving it to a cron job in ubuntu, to leaving the system logged in 24/7, and changing tasks to run as admin, system, user, highest privileges.

kind of loosing my mind.

Thanks for the help.

Is this on Windows?
What does the code look like?
What is the actual response you get?
What version of things are you running?

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