ELK cluster installation on 3 nodes + 1 node for Kibana only


I need your help and opinions in my case.
I've got a request for installation ELK Cluster in such configuration:
3 x nodes for Elasticsearch, each node will be master/data/ingest node, on each node will be installed Logstash
1 x node with installed Kibana

I'm afraid about installation Logstash on 3 nodes and his configuration. Maybe I'm wrong and this is typical or standard installation but I'm reviewed few example 3 nodes configuration and alway Lostash was installed only on 1 node.

What do you think about such idea of ELK Cluster?
Could you tell me how to configure logstash in this case, please?

Thanks a lot

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Hi @d.silwon,

Where you install logstash or other log/metric collecting agents depends on what you want to collect and how you'd like to parse the data.

If your purpose is to collect logs/metrics from all nodes, you should have a logstash instance installed on each node.

If your purpose is to collect log/metric from other agent like filebeat or metricbeat, you can have a single logstash instance which receives data from filebeat, and sends data to Elasticsearch.

Hi @oneoneonepig ,

Our Logstash will collect log/metric from another agent like filebeat/metricbeat, from another machines.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

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