ELK has changed my EventTime

Hello Guys,
I was finding about in what Timezone ELK saved the data. I had read ELK saved the data for default in UTC.
I didn't find how to change the timezone in ELK config.

The output from client:


The output from Logstash:


But I saw the same data in ELK:

EventTime = May 24th 2016, 06:24:21.000
Time= 10:24:21

The field eventTime is created from field $date and $time got from data.

Anyway to set the timezone in ELK in EDT?.

Thank you.

I saw, this problem will fixed if I use time-zone in the java block.

I don't know if its is the right way.

Anyone know?.

Thank you.

ES only deals in UTC and that is what LS assumes it receives.
If your timestamps are localised, set things with the date filter.

Hello Warkolm
Understood, I resolved my problem added to logs the time in UTC. Isn't the best way but is work.

Thank you.

Yes, it is. It's an actual standard and the rest of the stack knows how to deal with it.