ELK Heartbeat x509: certificate signed by unknown authority for Sectigo CA

Hello everyone. I am monitoring some websites and a lot of these websites using Sectigo SSL Certificates. Heartbeat showing these websites with Sectigo certificates as x509: certificate signed by unknown authority. Why is this happening and how can I fix it. I am using debian machine. Thanks for your answers!

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It's probable that that certificate is not in your OSs store. What OS are you on?

I am using Debian

I can't promise this will work, but maybe look at something like Adding trusted root certificates to the server

I tried this method and it didnt help. So I checked the certificates, I monitor like almost 200 websites and most of them (60%) have Sectigo certificates working just fine with no errors, but like 30 websites with the same Sectigo certificates showing me x509: certificate signed by unknown authority. Really dont understand why

So I downloaded bunch of certificates from here and Adding certificates to host machine added them by this method and restarted machine, and that worked.

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