ELK Indexes

Hello All,

I am trying to log multiple log files in a single index.
When i run it for the first time it works. If i try to log more log files to the same index it doesn't work even after deleting the .sincedb files.

Please help me with this.


I moved your question to #logstash although the description is unclear to me.

Ok, What is unclear to you , i will try to expain

I want to use single index for all the apache logs.
So i want to process weekly apache logs. When i process one week logs in a single index it works.
So in next week when i want to process logs with same index it doesnt work.

I need to create new index for this for new logs.

In what way is it not working? If Logstash has problems sending events to ES it'll log details in its log file. Did you look there for clues?

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