[ELK] jstack doesn't produce results

Hi there,

I'm having some troubles with a server, part of a 3 nodes cluster in a production environment, running ELK 6.7 that goes out of memory. To do some troubleshooting I've tried to execute
jstack -l pid
to see how many threads is running but the command takes 100% of CPU and produce no results even after 20 minutes. Trying with another 3 nodes cluster with ELK 6.2.4 version the results come out in seconds.
I would know if it is a normal behaviour or if there is some recurrence in java processes for new version.

Thank you very much.

Just something I usually stumble over myself when using jstack. You need to run it as the same user running the java process in order to get results. Is this the case?

Thank you for the answer.

My bad. That was the problem. Thnks a lot.

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