ELK on Windows: Very Poor Performance

We setup a cluster with 2 data nodes on Hyper-V VMs.
Daily index size is around 200 GB.
Performance is very poor, elasticsearch does not respond at all.
2 data nodes use 100% CPU and 32 GB of memory (each node).
We use the latest version, 5.3.0 with the latest Java version.

I also observed 400 Mbit/s network traffic between nodes.

We need some guidance on sizing.
Or should we setup Linux nodes instead of Windows?

How many indices, how many shards?
Do you have Monitoring enabled?

Hi Mark,

Yes, we have monitoring enabled.
There are 288 primary shards and 283 replica shards and 68 indices.
Indices keep daily logs, so the latest one is most active.




// Gökhan Koçak
// Uygulama Yönetimi Mimari Danışmanı

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