ELK set up for creating a SIEM Solution_Upwork Request

Hi everyone, I have previously set up an ELK server using Microsoft Azure (I'm open to doing it on AWS). Is anyone available on Upwork to be hired to architect and set up scripts (using ansible playbook or other docker containerization) to set up a SIEM and/or IDS solution I can utilize to perform on-site auditing of finance regulated sector suppliers?

I love how ELK works so I would be interested in implementing all the beat services but they may not all be required to accomplish the SIEM/IDS solution so I'm open to suggestion.

Contact Information: jonathan.loop@harpeengineering.com | 706-832-0180

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Why not run Elastic Cloud? It's like 5 clicks and it's deployed and ready to go.

Hi n2x4, Thank you for that insight. I would definitely be interested in that approach as well but I would still need a Elastic subject matter expert to run me through the process because I would have to pitch this idea to customers that have secure systems which would be some of the questions i would have for the Elastic SME.

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