ELK setup in new machine


I'm using ELK in a machine. Now I got a new machine. I need the same ELK setup (data, indexes, visualizations, dashboards) in to the new machine without indexing all the data. Because again re-indexing and recreating all the visualizations will take more time.:frowning:
Is there any quick possible way to do that???
If I copy the entire ELK folder from the old machine to the new machine, will it work???

Please help

Sanjay Reddy.

The easiest way to transfer the data in a safe way might be to use the snapshot and restore functionality.

Hi @Christian_Dahlqvist,

Thanks for the response.
Is it ok if I copy the entire ELK folder (Elasticsearch, logstash, kibana files) in to the new machine and run the services??? Will it work???

Can you please help me in doing "snapshot and restore" for "Windows Machine" :frowning: