ELK stack include only required modules

I am trying to install ELK stack but as observed, the total size of the whole stack after installation is around 1.3 GB. I was wondering if there is a way to cherry pick the modules I want running on my stack and bring down the total size. If it is possible, what would the least possible size to which ELK stack can be brought down to? I am looking to reduce the total size of the whole stack to a maximum of 100 MB.

I do not think this is possible. Why do you need to reduce the size that much?

It is mostly down to memory constraints. I see that Kibana and ES use node modules. Is there any way we can cherry pick the modules we don't need? The whole point is to only have so much in the stack that I need for my system. One option is to run elastic search on cloud but I would rather have everything running on the box.

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