ELK Stack Update 6.8.2 -> 7.4 Kibana Service can't start

Hello together,

i have an issue, that the Kibana Service can't get up after an update from 6.8.2 to the latest version. I am new to Elastic and also to Linux and i never have an issue like that before.

systemd[1]: Unit kibana.service entered failed state.
systemd[1]: kibana.service failed.
systemd[1]: kibana.service holdoff time over, scheduling restart.
systemd[1]: start request repeated too quickly for kibana.service
systemd[1]: Failed to start Kibana.

I have an single node with the whole ELK Stack on it, on an up to date Centos 7.
Because the ELK Stack is no more in the EPEL repo, i have tried to download the latest package and install it with yum update elasticsearch (it is running)
yum update kibana (can't start)

If you need more information, let me know where i can find that and i will post it for you.

Many Thanks

can you see if there are any logs from the Kibana server? There is usually more info on why it failed to start in those logs. I think in the case of your OS they should be in journalctl. My first guess would be a deprecated setting in your kibana.yml file that will stop the server from starting.

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