Email Alert should include post & prior logs to quickly trace the issue

Currently we are able to added a single line of the log to email alerts. However that is not of much value as we have to again navigate to log location, open the file and trace what caused the issue. It would be better if certain number (configurable +/- lines) of post & prior logs can be included in email alerts to quickly understand the cause of alert.

@jessgarson do you have idea on this ???

Hi Roshan, I think you will get same context or log around the alert condition but not +/- log lines. You need to define the alert like this - CPU on {{server}} is high and it going to send alert for each conditions.

Just curious in which use case or condition you expecting +/- logs?

Like in Distributed architecture your logs can ingest in any order and you have to co-relate them with some common field. For this kibana panel is best place.